Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iron Man

Notwithstanding Trillium's opposition, I bought a copy of "Iron Man" at Costco on Wednesday. We watched it last Friday night. Just for the record, as far as I can tell, there is absolutely no connection between the title character and myself, except for the shrapnel pieces driving toward the vital organs, particularly the heart. Instead of a hole in my chest into which Pepper Potts can stuff her little hand, it is in my arm. Whether Nurse Chappell stuffed her little hand into the hole made to extract my blood is beyond my ken, inasmuch as I invariably close my eyes whenever one of those little steel pointy things gets within a two or three meters from me. Alas, I am not a super-hero, a terrible self-realization.


Trillium said...

So. I looked the other way when The Knight dropped "Iron Man" into the shopping cart. I can see now that he was hoping for more material with some correlation or keen insights into his condition. (Sigh) Yet, in the spirit of my own blog on $aving $$$, I would hope that in the future he would be more keenly desirous of not spending ever more (metal) coinage on celluloid. Think how heroic and what mettle is required!!

[For the "dictionary-challenged," mettle is a variation of metal and is used figuratively to describe a high quality of character and courage!]

I know my Knight has that kind of courage!

Zaphod said...


shydandelion said...

Heheeh! I really like "Iron Man." I thought it was a great movie.... :) We, too, are trying to save money, and after this last stint with only have $4.09 I have found great joy in NOT spending money. Money is good in stacks, collecting in my house. :)
xnelo: how much money I am spending

DebbieLou said...

Are you a hemaphobe or a needlephobe? I always have to look the other way and try to distract myself. Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the real thing, that is if someone doesn't screw up!